Month: September 2014

Rolling Admissions at Oak Hill Academy

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As space allows, we continue to accept applications and evaluate candidates for appropriate placement at Oak Hill Academy.  We currently have just a few spaces available on our boys’ side of the enrollment, with several more spaces on the girls’ side.


From our website where we share the school philosophy and mission, it is probably apparent that while working with intelligent, and often extremely bright students, our “wheelhouse” is working with students that aren’t experiencing the success of which they are capable.  Historically, this proves to be a pretty busy time of the year in the Admission Department as prospective families from around the country sit down with students as first report cards arrive and review performance and personal growth goals set during the previous year and summer.

If you are having this experience with your student, I invite you to consider Oak Hill Academy as a  turning point in your student’s academic career.  Our faculty is very adept at integrating new students and our academic counseling department is very experienced in developing plans for incoming transfer students coming from a wide variety of curriculum.  From a social standpoint, our students are very receptive to welcoming incoming transfer students.  We are a small student body of approximately 150 students and it is very easy for new students to hit the ground running!

New Beginnings at Oak Hill Academy Boarding School

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Today marks the second full day of classes on “The Hill.”  The two days of move-in are now complete, orientation activities were a both fun and informative, and the students have begun settling into the routine of the academic day.  I’m always impressed with how quickly our largely new student body (we graduate almost a third of our enrollment each year!) gels and begins to take on a community identity.  Speaking of identity, one of the most exciting things new students express is a desire to redefine themselves and being a new student on our campus represents a great opportunity to do that!  Here at Oak Hill Academy, the structure supports students as they work to develop the habits and mindset needed to take on the identity they desire for themselves:  new study habits, a new sense of responsibility and independence, social involvement and, for many, becoming a motivated person.  We spend a lot of time, especially in faculty advisee groups, discussing personal long-term and immediate goals and the start of a new school year produces a lot of momentum in these areas.

Boarding School Admissions
Oak Hill Academy Boarding School – Mouth Of WIlson, VA

I need to let you know, if you are a prospective parent reading this blog, that Oak Hill Academy has a rolling admission policy and it is not uncommon to enroll quality applicants, for whom we are a great fit, throughout the first few months of school.  It is not too late, although spaces are limited at this point.  Please contact me to help me learn about your student and to discuss our application process or to set up a campus visit.