Month: November 2013

Academic and Character Development in a Non-Therapeutic Environment

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The personal, small class approach at Oak Hill Academy is communicated clearly on our website. For this reason, many come to see our school as a potential alternative to a therapeutic environment. Of course, there are times when a higher degree of specific therapeutic involvement than is offered at Oak Hill Academy is more appropriate for a student.

To clarify, Oak Hill Academy offers a very structured, nurturing and personal school setting, that, for many, has led to great transformations in maturity, self-discipline, and, perhaps most importantly, self-esteem. This growth occurs both academicallyand socially. The structure supports success in our college-prep curriculum with increased academic expectations, along with an increase in study time and help in developing good study habits. The structure also provides a balance between academic and social activities. Because of the independence they often feel from being away at school, coupled with the safety net of a structured environment, our students really come to “own their success.”

While Oak Hill Academy does not offer clinical or formal therapy, there are many levels of support for our students, both formal and informal. From our school counselor, to the student affairs director, to our resident life directors and staff, your student will have a lot of mentorship, at the most personal levels. Positive adult role models are available for guidance throughout all aspects of student life on “The Hill.” It is impossible to predict where the strongest connections will develop–they might end up being with an English teacher or a ski-trip advisor.


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