Month: February 2014

Learning Differences at Oak Hill Academy

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Prominent on our website’s homepage is our core belief that “There is no such thing as an underachieving child…only an unmotivated one.” Many of the inquiries I field come from parents of students with identified learning challenges who are not experiencing the kind of success of which they are capable. For some prospective families, our work with students with academic challenges can sometimes obscure the fact that Oak Hill Academy is a college prep boarding school. In this category we often stand out because we accomplish this not by being a “sink or swim” environment, but by having a very personal approach. Small class sizes and an invested faculty, most of whom live on campus, are key characteristics of Oak Hill Academy. We are intentional in providing a framework within which we can accommodate a variety of learning styles and challenges.

     We do not portray ourselves as a “school for learning differences,” but because of our experience and personal approach, working with students with learning differences is in our “wheelhouse.” Please feel free to contact me to discuss any particular challenges your student may have, and to consider whether Oak Hill Academy can be the appropriate environment to help unlock your student’s potential and recapture the feeling of academic motivation.