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Steve Smith and Oak Hill’s Basketball Fraternity

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Great article that speaks to the power of structure and what we do well at Oak Hill Academy. As a former player for Coach Smith at Oak Hill Academy, I can attest to the power of his positive influence. Playing for, and later working with, him makes you want to do things right!

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Thirty-two years on the same job can offer some less-than-obvious perks.

For Oak Hill Academy basketball coach Steve Smith and his wife, Lisa, it means that they get the opportunity to attend a lot of summer weddings.“I’ve lost track,” Smith said, chuckling during a recent phone conversation from his office on the school’s campus in Mouth of Wilson in Virginia.

Of course, the answer to “how many weddings of 100s of former Oak Hill players have you attended?”, had he contemplated a minute or two longer, would have been something between a lot and a whole lot.

“We just got invitations from Nolan Smith (a first-round NBA draft pick out of Duke and now an assistant with the Blue Devils) and Tyler Lewis (a senior guard at Butler),” he said of a couple of former Warriors’ guards. “So we’ve got at least two to go to…

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