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     A popular P.E. teacher on campus is fond of telling his students: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” This adage most definitely applies to the experience many of our students have during their time at Oak Hill Academy. Judging from the feedback we receive from alumni, the feeling of being challenged to change may be the memory that sticks with them the longest. In a recent workshop, current students participating in a leadership training group identified “transformation” as one of the key features of an Oak Hill experience.

I often remind prospective students, just as they are learning and getting excited about the opportunities offered at Oak Hill Academy, that coming to Oak Hill will be, in many ways, one of the hardest things they do. Success at OHA requires two main things: an outlook that includes the recognition that being here is an opportunity; and the ability to persevere. Students work hard at Oak Hill Academy (they have their fun, also!) and our structured, intentional routine means that each day matters. By being demanding and supporting, our campus culture fosters the development of this ability to persevere, which is perhaps the most lasting benefit of a student’s time here. Growth is not always comfortable, nor fast, but the strength of an Oak Hill experience is not that it is a “quick fix,” but that it provides a steady journey to personal goals. This journey, though not always characterized by linear growth, is marked by achievements and confidence-building moments of success.

If this is the transformative journey you are seeking for your student–and that they are seeking for themselves–Oak Hill Academy may be a great fit. Please contact me to discuss this and help me learn about your student.

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